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PTFE baking foil


Stay fit, healthy kitchen at your fingertips! Thanks to our PTFE baking foil, you can bake up to 1000 times without adding any fat. Just line the baking tray with our non-stick PTFE foil to enjoy healthy baking without scraping the burnt baking tray. Perfect for baking cakes, rolls, fish, meat and vegetables. EDER-Bake foil can also be used as a mat for the dehydrator. It protects the dehydrator grate against sticking of dried vegetables or fruit.

  • The PTFE foil can be cut to the required size.
  • Durability up to 1000 times.
  • It reduces sticking.
  • Fat-free baking.
  • Maximum service temperature: 260 ° C
  • Dimensions: 40×33 cm

Easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth, can be used on both sides. Makes it easier to keep the oven clean. It is recommended to use wooden or plastic utensils to avoid damaging the PTFE foil. In case of damage, the foil should not be reused. It must not be exposed to direct flame or placed on the bottom of the oven.

The thickness of our baking foil without fat is 0.12mm. This guarantees using comfort and a long time of use.

Composition: Glass fabric coated with non-stick and easily cleanable PTFE coating (no harmful PFOA compounds), odorless.

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