Open mesh belts - EDER

Pasy siatkowe PTFE

Light, yet strong

Open mesh belts

We manufacture PFTE-coated mesh belts made of glass or aramid fibres. Several variants available: crosswise reinforced (double weft), brown (FDA-attested) or black (antistatic, UV-resistant). Wide range of joints, reinforcements and guiding systems selected individually for each client in accordance with their demands. Continuous work temperature: -150°C to +260°C.

Types and dimensions:

  • Width: up to 5200 mm.
  • Mesh size: 1×1 mm, 2×2 mm, 4×4 mm, 6×6 mm, 8×8 mm.
  • Joints: mechanical or permanent.
  • Size reinforcement: PTFE coated glass fabrics / foils.
  • Guiding: PTFE knops, steel rivets / knops, silicone / aramid cord.

Application: printing industry, textile industry, woodworking industry, food industry, production of non-woven and knitted fabrics, shrinking tunnels.

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