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GAP, i.e. grinding disc, automotive and packaging


These are our three main pillars of activity. We are a leader on the European market in each of these industries. For several dozen years, we have been supporting manufacturers of packaging, toilet paper and handkerchiefs with our smooth solutions. So wherever a heating element cover is needed in the packaging process.

Our smooth solutions for the packaging industry are a comprehensive offer that includes:

  • PTFE coated glass fabrics from the meter or in cuts. LINK
  • Zone tapes in any size specified by the customer. They consist of PTFE coated glass fabric (working zone) and adhesives (tape edges). They are used as a heating element cover in packaging machines. We offer two types of zone tape.
  • TYPE A – double-sided adhesive tapes are applied directly to the PTFE fabric. The tape should be glued in one plane without folding the edges.
  • TYPE C – adhesives are one-sided adhesive tapes of glass fabric of the “grid” type, which can be bent on the heating strip.
  • PTFE belts for vertical packaging machines used in packaging hygiene products
  • 2ply and 3ply PTFE belts for welding foil bags, thanks to the multi-layer structure they are very resistant to tearing and the imperceptible joint is not imprinted on the weld
  • “Copper” line of 2ply and 3ply PTFE belts for welding and packing machines. Thanks to the modified PTFE surface developed by us, we have significantly extended the working time of our belts, which translated into a reduction in the number of downtimes necessary to change the machines.
  • Kanthal wire covers

By working with us, you ensure a smooth continuity of production.

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