Silicone membranes - EDER


The power of elastomers

Silicone membranes

Our offer includes a wide range of EDER-SIL membranes used in wood, glass, composites and photovoltaic panels lamination process. All of our membranes are made as one piece (i.e. seamless membranes) which allows them to withstand more cycles of the lamination process. Our offer also includes membranes with special coating characterised by a higher resistance to aggressive working conditions (EVA fumes) in the process of photovoltaic panel manufacturing. Continuous work temperature: -60°C to +250°C depending on the membrane.

Types and dimensions:

  • Thickness: 1 mm to 5 mm.
  • Width: max. 3700 mm.
  • Hardness: 40 ShA to 60 ShA.
  • Smooth or porous.
  • Reinforced with polyester or aramid fibres.
  • Blue, grey, black, transparent.

Application: photovoltaic industry, woodworking industry, glass lamination, composite processing.

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