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Our wide range also includes high-quality products for sectors such as the photovoltaic industry, mechanical engineering or the manufacture of plastics and composites. We have resistance wires and bands, silicone membranes as well as silicone, silicone foam and FKM, which are real all-rounders.

Resistant resistance wires and tapes

Products of this type have an extreme temperature resistance: up to + 1300 ° C – for this reason they are often used in the production of parts of heating systems or cutting or welding machines. Advantages of Kanthal resistance wires and strips made of iron and chromium alloys, among others, include their excellent corrosion resistance, which means they have a long service life. They can also be coated with PTFE without any problems.

Membrane for lamination of different materials

Our membranes are perfect for lamination of materials such as wood, glass, composite materials or photovoltaic modules. Due to the high resistance to EVA vapors thanks to a special coating made from aramid or polyester fibers, these products can also be used in very demanding environments without affecting their service life.
The membranes can be produced in a smooth or porous design.

Various variants of silicone

The products we manufacture, such as silicone foam and FKM, have excellent properties in terms of resistance to chemical substances, are suitable for food and drinking water, are antibacterial, electrically insulating and non-flammable, which means they are used in many industries.
At the customer’s request, we can make our products from FKM in any shape and color. These are available with a thickness of 0.5 mm up to 50 mm.

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