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Closed fabric belts

Our offer includes PTFE-coated belts made of glass or aramid fabric, with highest durability and PTFE content. Variety of surfaces (very smooth or fabric structure). Brown (FDA-attested) or black (antistatic, UV-resistant). Variety of joints and guiding systems, depending on the application. Continuous work temperature: -150°C to +260°C for PTFE coated glass fabrics and -73°C to +220°C for PTFE coated aramid fabrics.

Types and dimensions:

  • Width: up to 5000 mm.
  • Thickness: 0,04 mm to 2 mm.
  • Joints: mechanical or permanent.
  • Side reinforcement: PTFE fabric / PTFE film.
  • Guiding: PTFE knobs, steel rivets / knobs, silicone / aramid cord.

Application: automotive industry, photovoltaic industry, woodworking industry, food industry, production of carpets and flooring.

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