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Production of flat gaskets

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Production of flat gaskets made of rubber and silicone

We are a manufacturer of flat gaskets. We do not limit ourselves to mass production. Every customer is important to us, which is why we are happy to produce short series or single pieces. We cut the gasket on our high speed cutter equipped with an oscillating knife head. It is one of the most modern devices of this type in Europe with a cutting format of 2800mm x 5000mm. Cutting gaskets with a plotter provides greater accuracy and repeatability than punching with presses. Thanks to the perfect cutting precision, we can make flat gaskets of any shape.

  • We produce flat gaskets from general purpose SBR rubber,
  • We produce flat gaskets from EPDM, which has good properties for reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces, while maintaining the continuity of its structure,
  • We produce flat gaskets from NBR rubber, which is characterized by good resistance to oils and high flexibility. Seals and impermeability of gases and air,
  • We produce flat gaskets from silicone. Silicone gaskets are not only flexible, guaranteeing tightness of the connection, but also hygienic, they can come into contact with food and water,
  • We produce flat gaskets from FPM / FKM, these seals are non-flammable thanks to the fluorine content. They are characterized by high resistance to high temperatures, acids, sulphates, chlorides, alkalis and aromatic hydrocarbons,
  • For our customers in the food industry, we offer gaskets cut from plates with the FDA food safety certificate. They ensure not only appropriate mechanical properties in accordance with their intended use, but also safety for the processed products.
  • The use of an appropriate material that guarantees tightness is mainly determined by three factors, i.e. pressure, working temperature and the characteristics of the medium.
  • We cut the gaskets based on the provided design (sketch, technical drawing, vector files in .dxf, .dwg formats) or a ready element. We cut gaskets according to European standards: PN, EN and DIN, which guarantees the safety of the gasket. Additionally, at the customer’s request, we can prepare technical documentation.
  • We offer our customers the highest quality flat gaskets. We cut, among others, gaskets from rubber plates (FKM / FPM, EPDM, NBR, SBR), gasket plates (Gambit, Klinger, Trelleborg, Frenzelit), PTFE or silicone. We cut gaskets from our own materials and those provided by the customer.

We guarantee high cutting precision, no frayed and smooth edges. Our cutter is a guarantee of repeatability and accuracy.

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