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Belt guiding systems

Guiding system used in our PTFE belts (both closed fabric and open mesh) ensure that the belts operate correctly on any given machine and negate the issue with belt alignment, prolonging its service life. Guiding systems may be installed on one or both sides of the product on its topside or underside and are adjusted to the structural requirements of the machine.

Types and dimensions:

  • Metal rivets: ⌀ 3 mm – ⌀ 10 mm.
  • PTFE knobs: ⌀ 8 mm – ⌀ 20 mm.
  • Metal eyelets: ⌀ 3 – ⌀ 20 mm.
  • Aramid cords: 4×4 mm, 5×5 mm, 6×6 mm.
  • Silicon profiles: shaped.
  • Crown guiding: according to the scheme.

Application: closed fabric and open mesh belts.

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