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EDROCK™ coating

EDROCK™ coating

13 August 2020

For decades, our smooth solution have been helping automotive manufacturers offer car manufacturers the highest quality parts. 

Glass fibers, PP and PA are bonded together with resin, under high temperature reaching up to 260°C. It has a very destructive effect on the PTFE coating, starting the process of sticking the PTFE belt. To prevent it EDER has invented EDROCK™ coating.

EDROCK™ is the most advanced PTFE belt coating available at Eder. It is highly anti-adhesive due to a narrow selection of fluoropolymers. Highly impermeable and chemicals resistant. EDROCK™ coating enhances the durability of the belt under extreme conditions during thermoforming process. The parameters of newly invented coating make it more resistant to staining, which may increase the wear on the PTFE belts. EDROCK™ coating protects the fibres, responsible for mechanical durability, against aggressive media during thermoforming process.

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